Im new to graphql found 2 java implementation using from official graphql: https://www.graphql-java.com/documentation/v10/



Like whats their difference in implementing graphql in java?


In Short:


  • Is an implementation of graphQL in java based on the Javascript reference implementation here. This project use to host a suit of graphql related tools for the java ecosystem including graphql-java-tools. See at the end of this answer for more


  • Is a Java GraphQL helper library that aids development of GraphQL schema language for your graphql-java API. One example is auto-configuration of classes for creating a GraphQLSchema. See more from official documentation here. Similarly another useful library I will recommend is spring-graphql-common

See this example Spring Boot Project that puts it all together:

  • GraphQL - Java Implementation
  • GraphiQL - Workbench Gui with auto-complete assists based on your schema
  • Graphql java tools - Library
  • Spring Graphql Common - Library

Furthermore graphql-Java is currently only focussed on Java not the tooling projects. These have been moved to their dedicated organisations.

More from the original maintainer's blog


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