I've managed to get into MySQL using the command line terminal, but when I tried to enter some SQL, it said 'no database selected'

how do I select a database? my database name is: photogallery

What code do I use to select it?


Use USE. This will enable you to select the database.

USE photogallery;

12.8.4: USE Syntax

You can also specify the database you want when connecting:

$ mysql -u user -p photogallery
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    Not the latest thread but I thought I might leave my 2 cents here. The command line provided is not quite correct. To specify password in command line, you set --password=<pass_goes_here> to use database via command line, you put in mysql -u <user> -p <database_name> this way the -p means that mysql client will prompt for password input and not read it from command line – Didzis Mar 1 '18 at 9:28

Switch to a database.

mysql> use [db name];

MySQL Commands

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    PS - I didn't know the answer, but I queried google and got it within 10 seconds. – skaz Mar 13 '11 at 2:38

Hope this helps.

use [database name];


Alternatively, you can give the "full location" to the database in your queries a la:

SELECT photo_id FROM [my database name].photogallery;

If using one more often than others, use USE. Even if you do, you can still use the database.table syntax.


Use the following steps to select the database:

mysql -u username -p

it will prompt for password, Please enter password. Now list all the databases

show databases;

select the database which you want to select using the command:

use databaseName;

select data from any table:

select * from tableName limit 10;

You can select your database using the command use photogallery; Thanks !

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