I trained a tensorflow model using the Estimator class. Now I want to export the model for prediction. The input are 224x224x3 images. By following the guide I tried these solutions:

feature_spec = {'input': tf.FixedLenFeature([], dtype=tf.string)}
input_fn = tf.estimator.export.build_parsing_serving_input_receiver_fn(feature_spec)
exported_model_path = estimator.export_savedmodel(args.model_dir, input_fn)

features = {'input': tf.placeholder(tf.float32, [224, 224, 3], name="input")}
input_fn = tf.estimator.export.build_raw_serving_input_receiver_fn(features, 1)
exported_model_path = estimator.export_savedmodel(args.model_dir, input_fn)

However, in both cases I get the error

TypeError: Failed to convert object of type <type 'dict'> to Tensor. Contents: {'input': <tf.Tensor 'ParseExample/ParseExample:0' shape=(?,) dtype=string>}. Consider casting elements to a supported type.

The model was trained using this tensorflow implementation of the triplet loss. What could be the problem?

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