I am working with Azure Mobile Services API, my API on the local host running well. I have checked with the help of Swagger UI. but when I publish my API to azure then after that by accessing the API with Swagger I got this error.

500 : {"Message":"An error has occurred."} http://xxxxxxxxxxx.azurewebsites.net/swagger/docs/v1

Now if I type this route http://xxxxxxxxxxx.azurewebsites.net/tables/doctor?ZUMO-API-VERSION=2.0.0 to any table then I got the result, why not with swagger?

help me to get on the right path.


Please make sure your XML file is available on the same location as you have defined in the swagger UI properties on Azure. I would highly recommend to generate your swagger xml file

Steps :

  1. Right click on webapi project
  2. Properties => build tab
  3. Output section - in different folder other than bin.

For example : App_Start\\{ProjectName}.xml

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