As stated here: https://docs.fabric.io/android/beta/gradle.html

I used to have this 2 lines in an Android app's build.gradle to upload builds to Fabric Beta with given release notes to given group aliases:

android {
    defaultConfig {
        ext.betaDistributionReleaseNotesFilePath = 'app/release_notes.txt'
        ext.betaDistributionGroupAliasesFilePath = 'app/group_aliases.txt'

After migrating the build.gradle files to Kotlin Gradle DSL these 2 lines have become:

android {
    defaultConfig {
        ext.set("betaDistributionReleaseNotesFilePath", "app/release_notes.txt")
        ext.set("betaDistributionGroupAliasesFilePath", "app/group_aliases.txt")

But they no longer work: all builds published to Fabric Beta are with blank release notes and no group aliases.

I've tried several alternative syntaxes to set the extra properties:

val betaDistributionReleaseNotesFilePath by extra { "app/release_notes.txt" }


ext["betaDistributionReleaseNotesFilePath"] = "app/release_notes.txt")


extra.set("betaDistributionReleaseNotesFilePath", "app/release_notes.txt")


project.ext.set("betaDistributionReleaseNotesFilePath", "app/release_notes.txt")

But results don't change.

Adding and running a debug task defined as:

tasks.create("myTask") {
    dependsOn("assembleDebug", "crashlyticsUploadDistributionDebug")

    doLast {

        val a = ext["betaDistributionReleaseNotesFilePath"]
        val b = ext["betaDistributionGroupAliasesFilePath"]

        println("ReleaseNotes: $a")
        println("GroupAliases: $b")


ReleaseNotes: app/release_notes.txt
GroupAliases: app/group_aliases.txt

only if the extra properties have been set using project.ext.set(), but still the uploaded builds have blank release notes and no group aliases.

What am I getting wrong?


you can us:

 configure<CrashlyticsExtension> {

            betaDistributionReleaseNotes = "xxx"

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