To be specific, I want a UICollectionView that...

1) Scales the size of UICollectionViewCells dependent on it's distance to the center of the collection view

2) Change the color of the background of the CollectionView dependent upon a delegate call back method given an indexPath. (I.E. the custom UICollectionView will ask for a custom color for IndexPath with row r, and section s)

Right now I have this working, and much of the necessary code is across the scrollView's delegate methods (scrollViewDidScroll, scrollViewWillBeginDragging) in my ViewController.

There is simultaneous work being done that could use the Scaling custom component mentioned in #1.

I'd like to design these so they are separate, and anyone can create a UICollectionView and use which component(s) necessary.

I could create custom CollectionView Classes for the scaling, doing all the work in the scroll view delegates in this custom class, and using a delegate callback to get the scaling factor (or public var). I could do the same for a custom Color Changing CollectionView. However, you cannot inherit multiple classes... and at the moment it's not clear how I would implement this with protocols / protocol-composition.

I'm looking for the shell if someone can provide it.

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