Is there a way to test a given Generic parameter of a Class without any attached instance of it?

class BAG[G -> MOUSE]

feature -- 

            if G.conforms_to (MAMMAL) then
                io.putstring ("you gave me a real animal")
            elseif G.conforms_to (COMPUTER_ACCESSORY) then
                io.putstring ("Seems you don't like animals such as computers")
                io.pustring ("Still dont know what you are dealing with")

You've almost nailed it. The missing part is curly braces and parentheses:

        if ({G}).conforms_to ({MAMMAL}) then
            io.put_string ("You gave me a real animal.")
        elseif ({G}).conforms_to ({COMPUTER_ACCESSORY}) then
            io.put_string ("Seems you don't like animals such as computers.")
            io.put_string ("Still don't know what you are dealing with.")


  1. {FOO}, where FOO is a type name, stands for a type object. It works for any type, including formal generics, thus {G} and {MAMMAL}.
  2. The syntax {FOO}.bar is reserved for non-object calls. But here we want an object call on the type object. Therefore, {G} is enclosed in parentheses: ({G}).conforms_to (instead of {G}.conforms_to).
  • Definitly as an amazing language is Eiffel, your knowledge is as such... THX! – Pipo Oct 19 '18 at 19:00

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