I try to use Cro to create a Rest API that will publish messages in rabbitMQ. I would like to split my routes in different modules and compose them with an "include". But I would like to be able to share the same connection to rabbitMQ in each of those modules too. I try with "our" but it does not work :

File 1:

unit module XXX::YYY;
use Cro::HTTP::Router;
use Cro::HTTP::Server;
use Cro::HTTP::Log::File;
use XXX::YYY::Route1;

use Net::AMQP;

our $rabbitConnection is export = Net::AMQP.new;
await $rabbitConnection.connect;

my $application = route {
        include <api v1 run> => run-routes;

File 2:

unit module XXX::YYY::Route1;
use UUID;
use Cro::HTTP::Router;
use JSON::Fast;
use Net::AMQP;
my $channel = $XXX::YYY::rabbitConnection.open-channel().result;
$channel.declare-queue("test_task", durable=> True );
sub run-routes() is export { ... }

Error message:

No such method 'open-channel' for invocant of type 'Any'


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    You never e.g. use XXX::YYY... how should File 2 know about File 1? – ugexe Oct 19 at 21:43
  • Thank you for your help. I certainly code it the wrong way because if i try to add use XXX::YYY;, i get a Circular module loading detected error. – STH Oct 20 at 20:12
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    That's because you have use XXX::YYY::Route1; in File 1. So if you left that in then File 1 is using File 2 and File 2 is using File 1. You can't have that circularity. – raiph Oct 21 at 0:07
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When you define your exportable route function you can specify arguments then in your composing module you can create the shared objects and pass them to the routes. For example in your router module :

sub run-routes ($rmq) is export{
    route {
       ... $rmq is available in here

Then in your main router you can create your Queue and pass it in when including

my $rmq = # Insert queue creation code here
include product => run-routes( $rmq );

I've not tried this but I can't see any reason why it shouldn't work.

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    Thank you! That works as i want. – STH Oct 22 at 17:26
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    Great! Thought it should do. – Scimon Oct 22 at 17:27

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