I want to calculate percentage of a value bigger than a threshold by sql like in excel(COUNTIF/COUNT)

Thanks for help

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You can use avg() and case:

select avg(case when a > 2 then 1.0 else 0 end)
from t;

Another solution without AVG(), using subqueries.

Run it here: https://www.db-fiddle.com/f/pm4VyShqzNBMpceCzgzniZ/7

SELECT NumberOfValid, 
       NumberOfValid/NumberOfAll AS "Ratio of Valid/All" 
FROM   (SELECT Count(*) AS NumberOfValid 
        FROM   test 
        WHERE  id < 9) AS subquery1, 
       (SELECT Count(*) AS NumberOfAll 
        FROM   test) AS subquery2; 

Please note that this solution is more complicated, but more flexible. AVG() will always divide by the COUNT() of the whole set, yet with subqueries, you have full control. In this case, AVG() is perfect, but in other cases, subqueries may be necessary.

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