int main() { 
   char text[1000];
   int ch;
   int index = 0;

   while ((ch = getchar()) != EOF) {
      text[index] = ch;
   text[index] = '\0';

   int i =0;
   int num_Count=0; 
   int lower_Count=0; 
   int upper_Count =0;

   while(i < index) {
    if((text[i]>='0') && (text[i]<='9')){
        num_Count ++;
    else if((text[i]>='A') && (text[i]<='Z')){
    else if((text[i]>='a') && (text[i] <='z')){
printf("%d %d %d", num_Count, lower_Count, upper_Count);
return 0;

It is a program that outputs the number of lower case, upper case, and number when the sentence is inputted. For example,


Would output 3 4 2

I keep seeing a runtime error. The (while) part seems to be wrong.. I do not know what's wrong.

I ran your code in my system and checked for the input: Hi Name 100. The output I got is 3 4 2 which is the expected output. I feel the only place where the code can run in an infinite loop is while reading the inputs. Try to use ctrl+ d for EOF or ctrl+ z for windows.

Rest every thing is fine.

EOF means End Of File. It is used when you read data from a file. I suggest put a character like newline ('\n').

  • Hitting Ctrl-D sets EOF as well. – alk Oct 20 at 9:48

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