the available upload options are

enter image description here

and what i uploaded are

enter image description here

enter image description here

but what i get is not a pdf file after submission, but it's latex tags, it is similar to:

enter image description here

what am i missing? i've uploaded all .sty, .bst, .bib, .tex, .png files in the folder:

enter image description here

How about reading the Guide for Authors on the Elsevier website and/or the prletters-template-with-authorship.pdf file you have there?

Upload only the .tex files and the figures, and include the .bbl directly into the .tex file (typically these submission systems like that better).

Finally, from your screenshot it seems that the journal submission system does not like .pngs. You should convert them to TIFF or EPS (or any other standard format) that is suggested in the submission information to authors.

  • thank you i'll try them now – R.jzadeh Oct 20 at 20:00
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Hi to all finally i submitted successfully by the following order don't forget to upload the Highlights as a separate file enter image description here

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