I've created my own template for Bibliography, sorted by author's name. The problem is that on my 1st column numbers that refer to RefOrder are displayed, as below:

<source type="Book">
        <column id="1">
          <format>%RefOrder%.</format> //<- HERE
        <column id="2">
          <format>{%Author:2|Editor:3%}{, &lt;i&gt;%Title|ShortTitle|BookTitle%{ %Edition:o% edn.}{ %Volume%}&lt;/i&gt;}{, %Publisher%}{, %City%}{, %CountryRegion%}{ {%Month:s% }%Year%}{ %Comments%.}</format>

I would like that value to be a row identity or any other value that will start from 1 and will be incremented automatically for every record in Bibliography.

So, the output should look like this:

1. Alan...
2. Bob...
3. Mark...

Not like that:

3 Alan...
1 Bob...
2 Mark...

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