I've been trying to setup the Windows 10 native openSSH server, however I got stuck with this permission problem, the log can be found here, I was following this setup guide. I've tried changing the file ownership, giving/removing SSHD/System/Administrator permissions, all to no avail, in one post someone said that the correct permissions should be User/System, however I can't even add any permissions to System or I receive the "Permissions for '[file]' are too open" message. How should I proceed?


I found a way to fix it, if you are struggling with permissions just open up PowerShell and type in this:

Install-Module -Force OPENSSHUtils set-executionpolicy remotesigned Import-Module OpenSSHUtils Repair-SshdHostKeyPermission -FilePath [your ssh_host_ed25519_key path]

Regardless to say that authorizing PowerShell to run scripts has security implications.

I now have a hundred other problems to fix with this thing, however this is out of the scope of this question.

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