I have an image I created from an array of RGB values. Something like [(104, 104, 104), (56, 72, 81), ...]

In order to do this, I used the Image.fromArray method in PIL. However, I have no idea what color space PIL uses for this - the ICC profile is nonexistent and the "mode" of the image is "L".

Can someone please tell me what the color space of the PIL images are? Thanks!

  • AFAIK it doesn't use any color space—so the it's just using what I suppose you could call a naive (or device-dependent) RGB color model. – martineau Oct 21 '18 at 15:07

You didn’t create an RGB image. You created a grayscale image. To create a color image, you meet an array with the correct shape. Something like this:

[[(r,g,b), (r,g,b), ...],
 [(r,g,b), (r,g,b), ...],

The L means grayscale.

If you create an RGB image it won’t have an explicit color space. If you want it to have a color space you have to specify it.

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