I am using Entity Framework Core and .NET Core 2.1. I am trying to run the EF designer from the Package Manager Console on Windows, but I get the following error:

System.ArgumentException: The string argument 'storeTypeName' cannot be empty.

This is the command which results in the error above:

Scaffold-DbContext "Filename=switches.db" Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Sqlite -OutputDir Models

I have already tried using the full path to the .db file but I got the same result.

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This is because one of your tables have a column with no defined type. It is fixed in the upcoming version 2.2 (currently available in preview on nuget) https://github.com/aspnet/EntityFrameworkCore/issues/13531

  • Thanks! Moved to the preview versions of the EF libraries in the project and it generated the files.
    – freshsmoe
    Oct 21, 2018 at 20:08

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