I have a variable,


This is an int

I want to convert it to be understood as "100 days"

How do I do this?

I am aware of the pd.to_datetime function but cant get it to work.

Basically, I have another variable in my dataframe, which is a time:

x=Timedelta('104 days 00:00:00')

If I do, x>minhold, I expect True, as 104 days is > 100 days, but it gives an error:

TypeError: Cannot compare type 'Timedelta' with type 'int64'

lastly, if I do:


This gives me Timedelta('0 days 00:00:00.000000') which I don't expect. I expected 100 days.


From the docs, specify unit='D' (for "days") when calling to_timedelta.

>>> pd.to_timedelta(100, unit='D')
Timedelta('100 days 00:00:00')
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>>> pd.Timedelta('100D')
>>> Timedelta('100 days 00:00:00')


>>> pd.Timedelta(100, 'D')
>>> Timedelta('100 days 00:00:00')

will give you a 100 day time period. I found this out by looking at the documentation.

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