When I use Git to push files to GitHub, command line shows it has been pushed successfully, but why the GitHub page does not reflect the commit?

Screenshot of my command line

What I use is just 3 simple command.

git add .
git commit -m "message"
git push

GitHubPages has defined naming standards for the repositories serving content for web pages.


For Example: https://github.com/Sauceforge/sauceforge.github.io is served at http://sauceforge.github.io

When you push your commit, GHPages copies your repository to another internal staging where where Jekyll compiles it makes it available for hosting. This process usually takes a few minutes. If the compilation process fails for some reason you will be sent an email.

Clicking the Environments link will also show you an activity log.

The files actually serving your site are not accessible directly.

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  • Thanks for your answer, but right now I think the problem occurs because GitHub is having problems. – Richard Hu Oct 22 '18 at 2:50
  • My pleasure. Are you referring to GitHub Pages web hosting or your seeing your updated files on github.com itself? As at 2PM AESDT, GitHub is up. – Andrew Gray Oct 22 '18 at 2:58
  • But from here, the problem still exist at least 4 min before. – Richard Hu Oct 22 '18 at 3:04
  • I can see that also. They have failed over and are repairing. github.com is up. – Andrew Gray Oct 22 '18 at 3:06
  • Oh I see, I refresh my project page and now I can see the commit. It is now consistent with my locally stored project. Thanks – Richard Hu Oct 22 '18 at 3:09

If you're talking about the page that greets you when you visit a github repo on github.com it's because you need a README.md in the root directory of your project.

Oh and you have to push the changes to the remote master branch

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