I am struggling with an issue for training 3D data. The labels in my data: 0: background, {1,2,3,4} representing the object 1 to object 4 respectively.

For 3D data, once you are using the CreateDeformation Layer, which has been provided in Caffe-Unet patch, there is a parameter as random_offset_range_from_ignore_label. If I am not mistaken this option, allows assigning a label for sampling the sub-volume patch. [If I am wrong, please correct me]

My question here can be folded into two, which they are somehow related: I have prepared two datasets:

  1. without ignored area and,
  2. with the ignored area (I defined 10 pixels from two sides of width in the whole volume to be ignored and I gave the value: '5' to the 10-pixel borders)

1) without defining ignored area, I assigned the following values to random_offset_range_from_ignore_label : 6 and in SoftmaxWithLoss layer the loss_param { ignore_label: 5 }, Which I do not have any of these labels in this dataset. It seems training is okay and tried on test set; the output was quite good. enter image description here


2) once I am training the same model on the second data with the following setting for ignoring labels [which is 5 10-pixel borders from the right and left sides of volume],

random_offset_range_from_ignore_label : 0 and in SoftmaxWithLoss layer the loss_param { ignore_label: 5 }

I am getting this, which it seems it is not training at all: enter image description here

The initial accuracy is 0.396653, which reaches to 0.898306 after 1000 iterations. this does look normal for the training.

I would really appreciate to help me to interpret these training curves.

  • What label should be considered for CreateDeformation Layer?
  • The num_output: 5 for the classification layer. should I change it to 6 once I have ignored area in second case?

Your expertise in helping me is really appreciated. Thanks

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