I have used Highchart javascript library for chart functionality.

Heare I required lagends and lables in highchart activity guage chart => Highchart - Activity guage demo.

Required output is display in below image.

enter image description here


To add labels use Highcharts.SVGRenderer:

    events: {
        load: function() {
            var x = this.plotWidth / 2 - 10,

            Highcharts.each(this.series, function(s) {
                y = s.group.getBBox().y + this.plotTop + 25;
                    .text('dwa', x, y)
                        align: 'right'
            }, this);

To show legend set showInLegend property in series to true.

Live demo: https://jsfiddle.net/BlackLabel/wpcLurtz/

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