I am trying to build a strategy (long positions only) in TV wherein strategy.entry will consider the previous exit price. For example:

strategy.entry("long", strategy.long, when = longcondition==true)
strategy.close("long", strategy.close, when = longcondition==false)

I would like to insert another condition for strategy.entry in addition to longcondition==true, that states the below intention:

strategy.entry("long", strategy.long, when = longcondition==true and close[1] < previousExitPrice)

How to do it correctly? Thank you in advance for the answer.

enterlong = 0;
if (longcondition == true and close[1] < previousExitPrice)
    enterlong := 1;

strategy.entry("long", strategy.long, when = enterlong)
  • How do you define "previousExitPrice" in that case? I know there is a built-in parameter 'strategy.position_avg_price' which refers to previous entry price. But there is no parameter to refer to previous exit price. – emotheraphy Oct 24 '18 at 7:01

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