Using dapper.contrib, I keep getting the error: '42P01: relation "tblproduct" does not exist'.

I believe this to be because postgresql is case sensitive. The entity itself has the schema annotation of '[Table("tblProduct")]'.

I can't find why the generated sql will use a lowercase tablename? I'm using the 'SqlMapperExtensions.TableNameMapper' to force the case but this doesn't work either. Am I missing something? Thanks

    public ICollection<Product> GetAll(int count)
        if (SqlMapperExtensions.TableNameMapper != null)
            return null;

        SqlMapperExtensions.TableNameMapper = (type) =>
            return "tblProduct";

        using (var connection = new NpgsqlConnection(connectionString))
            return connection.GetAll<Product>().Take(count).ToList();
  • For anyone coming across this: I believe dapper.contrib sets all table/column names to lowercase. I've not found a way to force it to use any other case. Will try dapper extensions instead – Tikeb Oct 26 '18 at 8:22

You can see what Dapper is generating with :

NpgsqlLogManager.Provider = new ConsoleLoggingProvider(NpgsqlLogLevel.Trace, true, true);

I fixed my problem on PostgresSQL with qutoes :

SqlMapperExtensions.TableNameMapper = (type) => $"\"{type.Name}s\"";
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