def fadded(request):
    if request.method == "POST":
        fform = FtForm(request.POST)
        bform = BgForm(request.POST)
        if fform.is_valid() and bform.is_valid():

            return render_to_response("ft.html", {
            "fform": fform,
            "bform": bform,
    return HttpResponse('OK!')


    {% if form.errors%}
    {% for error in form.errors %} {{ error|escape }} {% endfor %}
{% endif %} ...

There are two modelforms: fform and bform. They represent two different models, but are used in same template. I'm trying to save both and to get form-/fielderrors from both. But if there are already fform.errors, django doesn't shows bform.errors(and propably doesn't even create bform). Any proposals for a different way?


django doesn't shows bform.errors(and propably doesn't even create bform)

Given your setup, both forms are passed data and are ready to be validated. There shouldn't be a problem.

In your template, you'd have to display both forms errors (I only see one form being checked in your template)

{{ fform.errors }} <!-- show errors from fform -->
{{ bform.errors }} <!-- show errors from bform -->

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