I've searched and i've found nothing I'm trying to find REST generator to generate controller, service, module etc. from model but it's hopeless Is there are some generator like Gii in Yii2?


I think your are looking for this : https://docs.nestjs.com/cli/usages

For example you can generate an user service by using :

nest generate service users

You can also look at this Yeoman generator : https://github.com/ashinzekene/generator-nestjs-app

This generator helps you create a NestJS app with ease. It also comes with support for the following :

Decorators, Exceptions, Guards, Interceptors, Middlewares, Modules

Or you can try this starter kit : https://github.com/rcanessa89/nest-js-starter


You should definitely check out this Full-Stack nest-js + Angular generator. https://www.npmjs.com/package/generator-flare

It is still in its Beta phase but is developing very rapidly. It scaffolds a Nest-js server with Passport authentication and API auth guards pre-configured. It also has an entity generator. You can create Entities easily using that entity generator.

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