I have a querystring:


How would I slice off the '?' at the beginning? For example, in python I would do either:

str = str.lstrip('?')


str = str[1:]

How would I do either of those in javascript?


You may use split if you want to get left or right after slicing:

var loc = "http://test.com?myVar=kx&myCar=BMW";
var res = loc.split("?");
var url = res[0]
var params = res[1]

If you want to get URL without queryString, you can try following:

var loc = window.location; // or new URL("http://test.com?myVar=kx&myCar=BMW");
var url = loc.origin;

If you want to get value of parameter in URL then you may use URLSearchParams which is quite simple and easy.

let params = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search);
let myVar = params.get('myvar');

You can also use it like this:

let params = new URL('http://test.com?myVar=kx&myCar=BMW').searchParams;
params.get('myVar'); // "kx"
params.get('myCar'); // "BMW"

If this is not what you want, you can try regex or other string operation which help you in finding what you want. You can check at w3schools


For the substring you can do the following:


For the lstrip you could use regex.


If you are looking to specifically get everything after the beginning query, I would do something like the function below.

// function you can use:
function getQueryString(str) {
  return str.split('?')[1];
// use the function:
console.log(getQueryString("?myvar=kx")); // which returns 'myvar=kx'

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