My goal is to calculate a MAC with SHA512 in our C++ project. I found lots of examples in C# using System.Security.Cryptography and HMACSHA512. I found examples how to call self-made C#-DLLs from C++.

The question is: how can I call the HMACSHA512 class from C++? Do I need a TLB? Namespace? Sorry if this is trivial for some, but I've grown up in C++ and have little experience in C#. We use VStudio 2015 and compile for 64 and 32 bit.

Thanks! Tad

  • Hey, if you have the C# dll are you sure that the neceserry .Net is included? Why dont you just use some C++ Sha512 library if c++ is the prefered language? This way you dont drag around the .Net dependencies... – OlliWerPXC Oct 24 at 8:40
  • On windows you can use CNG. See examples here – Mike Vine Oct 24 at 8:46
  • Thank you for the examples. It looks more complex than the C# examples, but coupling C# and C++ is much worse. I've got it running now :-) – TadeuszRz Oct 25 at 11:43

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