I am using C# UWP MediaFrameReader/MediaCapture class to get access to my webcam, which is a small Logitech webcam. I follow all the examples from the following website: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/uwp/audio-video-camera/process-media-frames-with-mediaframereader#create-a-frame-reader-for-the-frame-source\, an example from Microsoft.

Code is almost identical to the website's, and this is my structure:

public async void StartCameraPreview() {
    // Initialization code from the website goes here...

public void onFrameArrived(MediaFrameReader sender,  MediaFrameArrivedEventArgs args) {

For now I just want to test if onFrameArrived() is being called. But I notice that MediaFrameSourceGroup selectedGroup is null whenever I run the program, which tells me that the webcam/camera functionality is not being detected.

Did anyone have this issue? Any advice would be awesome.


I used sourceInfo.MediaStreamType == MediaStreamType.VideoRecord && sourceInfo.SourceKind == MediaFrameSourceKind.Color; as my sourceInfo condition, and now it does detect. Although frames are still not being picked up! Nonetheless, first problem fixed.

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