I am building an Android augmented reality application, and I am a little stuck. My current task is to determine, at which building the user looks right now in order to submit its coordinates to Google Maps API and get information about it. I had tried a couple of approaches:

  1. Submit user's current coordinates to find out everything around the user and filter the results by address of the first item. In theory, that address is the building's address as well. But, sometimes those addresses are messy: one building can have several versions of them, so this approach is not as precise as I want.

  2. Understand, at which cardinal direction the user looks right now and add, say, 5 metres to user's coordinated. Again, in theory the resulting coordinates will point to the building, but still, how much exactly to add is the question - the building can be too far away.

So, I want to know, if Google API has some kind of "ray" of user's sight? In that case, I could try to intersect that ray with the nearest object. Though, if there are better algorithms, I would appreciate to hear them as well. Thank you.

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