I wonder if there are any methods available to deep copy a collection rather than use Iterator to loop it through? I can't downcast it since my method take a parameter like Collection<Something> something. Thanks.

  • You mean without me looping through, right? Otherwise the answer is: Impossible due to the fact that you (or the "utility" function) need to iterate over all elements in order to copy them. – lealceldeiro Oct 24 '18 at 15:50

No built in method in Java allows to make a deep copy for a collection for an simple reason : the definition of a deep copy depends on the class.
No utility method can guess it and relying on Cloneable that is not a recommended interface would be not a good idea.
So you have to do this task yourself.

You could make things more generic by introducing an interface that defines a copy method that each class to deep copy implements.
For example :

public interface Copyable<T> {

   T copy();

And implement it such as :

public class Foo implements Copyable<Foo> {

   public Foo copy(){
      Foo foo = new Foo();
      // deep copy values in foo
      return foo;

And you could introduce a static method in Copyable to perform the deep collection copy :

public static <T extends Copyable<T>> List<T> deepCopyToList(Collection<T> collection) {
    return collection.stream()

And use it in this way :

List<Foo> foos = new ...;
List<Foo> fooCopies = Copyable.deepCopyToList(foos);

Where Foo implements Copyable.

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    Or List<T> result = new ArrayList<>(collection); result.replaceAll(Copyable::copy); – Holger Oct 27 '18 at 14:07

You could use addAll to create a copy of the original collection.

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