I am creating a module in prestashop 1.7 to save my settings.

Also I created a form to display my settings. Form sample is shown below:-

//display form function

public function renderCustomerForm()
    $this->fields_form = array(
        'legend' => array(
            'title' => $this->l('Customer  Settings'),
            'icon' => 'icon-time'
                'type' => 'text',
                'label' => $this->l('BusinessCustomerFlag'),
                'name' => 'C_BUSINESS_FLAG',
                'lang' => false,
                'required' => true

        'submit' => array(
            'title' => $this->l('Save'),           
            'name' => 'submitCustomer',            
            'icon' => 'process-icon-save'  

I am saving this values in configuration table using configuration class functions.

I know how to retrieve it but don't know how to show in the form. Please some one guide on this will be really helpful.


Add this line to helper on your module (before generateForm):

$helper->fields_value = $this->getFormValues();

and add function to define values:

public function getFormValues()
    $fields_value = array();
    $fields_value['C_BUSINESS_FLAG'] = "some data or retrieved data";

    return $fields_value;
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