I'm trying to locate specific files as follow:

locate myfile.conf

Then to print all specific string that I want to find

locate myfile.conf | xargs cat | grep filename

The command returns my two lines


Now, How can I know what is the specific myfile.conf location that the "filename" found?

There is another simply way to achive what I'm need?


the catcommand is useless as you use xargs

--color help to highlight file location

-H display filename and its path of match result

-n display the line number inside the file

locate myfile.conf | xargs grep --color -Hn filename

my assumption is you have certain *.conf files which have a specific string filename in this case and you are looking to find those files with specific string. right ? if so

try this

grep -l filename `find ./ -name *.conf`

You can eliminate cat and use grep only:

locate myfile.conf | xargs grep filename

Grep will prepend filename of the matched file to each output line.

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