I have written the following piece of code:

places_ref = db_client.collection(u'places')
doc = places_ref.where (u'city_name', u'==', 'paris').get()

The console output is:

<generator object Query.get at 0x10d6736d8>

If I try this:

print(u'Document data: {}'.format(doc.to_dict()))

I get the following error:

AttributeError: 'generator' object has no attribute 'to_dict'

How do I convert the query result to a dictionary?

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The returned value from firestore is a generator containing many documents. Looking at the firestore docs it looks like the following is what you want,

my_dict = { el.id: el.to_dict() for el in doc }
  • It returned only one document but this solved my problem. I am not sure how. Oct 25, 2018 at 9:55
  • @AineshPatidar You were attempting to call to_dict on the generator. If you look at the firestore docs again you'll see that they call to_dict on the objects returned by the generator. Oct 25, 2018 at 10:08

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