I'm selecting data from my DynamoDB database using boto3

dynamodb = boto3.resource('dynamodb')
table = dynamodb.Table(table_name)
response = table.scan(ProjectionExpression='Id,Name')['Items']

Works fine. Now I also want to retrieve an attribute that is (unfortunately) named with a reserved word - let's say CONNECTION.

response = table.scan(ProjectionExpression='Id,Name,Connection')['Items']

I get an error like

An error occurred (ValidationException) when calling the Scan operation: Invalid ProjectionExpression: Attribute name is a reserved keyword; reserved keyword: Connection

I know there's an aliasing technique if using filters or queries, but does this exist for simple projections from boto3?

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Turns out that this is easily solved the same as when calling the DynamoDB API directly.

We should use an alias for any reserved word, and then provide a mapping from the alias back to the 'true' name with the ExpressionAttributeName parameter/property.

response = table.scan(ProjectionExpression = 'Id, Name, #c',
                      ExpressionAttributeNames = {'#c': 'Connection'})['Items']
  • For Java : .withProjectionExpression("Id,Name,#c").withNameMap(new HashMap<String, String>() {{put("#c", "Connection");}}) Commented Aug 10, 2022 at 18:23
  • apparently, nothing stops you from using a reserved word as an attribute: ProjectionExpression = '#Connection', ExpressionAttributeNames = {'#Connection': 'Connection'})
    – averasko
    Commented Apr 23 at 21:57

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