I have a table view with timed tasks as rows. Each row has a recurrentState boolean and in FRC predicate I am fetching all those content whose recurrentState= false.

After the time is over for the set task, I change the value of recurrentState for that NSManagedObjectto true. This as predicted removes that particular cell from the tableview. However, after this it gives me an error stating:

'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: 'no object at index 4 in section at index 0'

I am accessing the NSFetchedResultsController numberofobjectsin quite a bit of places and I am assuming thats the issue where the total number of objects in core data is different from what is being shown in the table view.

Question Is there any another way I can hide data from the tableview but keep it saved in the coredata to be accessed at any other time or how can I solve this error?

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