i am new in Oracle-Apex. I need Help to show a PDF in Oracle APEX. I have a question: I have uploaded the PDF in to the Database. I save the PDF as a blob in database. After that i showed the name of the PDF in Classic Report.When i click on the name, i want to see the preview of the PDF that i had uploaded. Now i am searching a way to show the PDF with a Code. Can somebody help?

How can i show this PDF in the Region?here is my Page

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Here's an example I quickly whipped up using APEX_APPLICATION_TEMP_FILES. Hopefully it's what you're trying to achieve. https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=34781

Username: demo
Password: demo

This uses the PDF.js project by Mozilla. Here's a quick recipe of what you may need.

  1. Create a File Browse page item and set the Storage Type to Table APEX_APPLICATION_TEMP_FILES.
  2. Create a page button to submit the page.
  3. Create a Classic Report region and enter the following query:

        , filename
    from apex_application_temp_files
    where application_id = :APP_ID
  4. Add a virtual column and set the HTML Expression:

    <button type="button" class="btn-preview-pdf" data-id="#ID#">Preview</button>
  5. Create a region and enter the following in the Source:

    <canvas id="preview-pane"></canvas> 
  6. Create a Click dynamic action.

    a. Set the selection Type to jQuery Selector.

    b. Enter the jQuery Selector .btn-preview-pdf.

  7. Add a Execute JavaScript Code action with the following JS code (check out the examples from the PDF.js website for more details on what the code does):

    var fileId = $(this.triggeringElement).data('id');
    var previewPane = this.affectedElements[0];
    // from PDF.js examples
    pdfjsLib.getDocument(docUrl).then(function(pdf) {
        var pageNumber = 1;
        pdf.getPage(pageNumber).then(function(page) {
            console.log('Page loaded');
            var scale = 1.5;
            var viewport = page.getViewport(scale);
            // Prepare canvas using PDF page dimensions
            var canvas = previewPane;
            var context = canvas.getContext('2d');
            canvas.height = viewport.height;
            canvas.width = viewport.width;
            // Render PDF page into canvas context
            var renderContext = {
                canvasContext: context,
                viewport: viewport
            var renderTask = page.render(renderContext);
            renderTask.then(function () {
                console.log('Page rendered');
    }, function(reason) {
  8. For the action, also set the Affected Elements:

    a. Selection Type: jQuery Selector

    b. jQuery Selector: #preview-pane

  9. Follow Joel Kallman's post on creating a link to download a file. You will need an Application Process (DOWNLOADPDF) and an Application Item (FILE_ID) The modified code for the Application Process DOWNLOADPDF looks like this:

        for file in (select *
                    from apex_application_temp_files
                    where id = :FILE_ID) loop
            sys.owa_util.mime_header( file.mime_type, FALSE );
            sys.htp.p('Content-length: ' || sys.dbms_lob.getlength( file.blob_content));
            sys.htp.p('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="' || file.filename || '"' );
            sys.htp.p('Cache-Control: max-age=3600');  -- tell the browser to cache for one hour, adjust as necessary
            sys.wpg_docload.download_file( file.blob_content );
        end loop;
  10. Almost missed this out. On the Page Attributes, set the JavaScript File URLs to any of the CDNs listed. For example:


Note that this is a very basic prototype. The preview only allows you to view the first page. You will need to figure out the API and then do the necessary to allow multipage viewing. I'll leave you to figure that out.

That should be it. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.

  • It's work! Thanks man, You saved my life. How can i change to multipage viewing ? – canberkcelik Oct 28 at 11:30
  • I have updated the demo to show case pagination. It's a crude solution. I will update the post another time with details. Meanwhile, take a look at the new buttons and the JavaScript. As mention, the trick is in the page rendering function and the page number parameter that it takes. It will benefit you to think of how to use this on your own. – Adrian P Oct 28 at 22:26
  • I saw Demo. It's cool. I need only Prev. und next button. Can you send me details? Thanks – canberkcelik Oct 29 at 7:39
  • Can you share the next and previous buttons code please, thank you @Adrian P – canberkcelik 2 days ago

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