I have an app that logs crashes and non-fatals to Fabric Crashlytics and uses Firebase Analytics to log analytics events.

I want to migrate from Fabric Crashlytics to Firebase Crashlytics. In addition I want to save historical data from Fabric during the migration.

When I try to do it with provided mechanism of Firebase Migration (https://fabric.io/firebase_migration/apps) I cannot do it in a way I want to. In particular, I cannot provide existent Firebase project ID for migration. I see error:

Cannot migrate to existent project

  1. So how can I do migrate properly?
  2. I found some statements from Fabric team members (https://stackoverflow.com/a/49734863/4312184) that migration process is not ready for saving historical data. But maybe it is ready now?
  • youtube.com/watch?v=fx43Yck94dU – Nudge Oct 26 at 11:42
  • @Nudge thanks for the link! But unfortunately it has no answers to my questions - neither about migrating from Fabric to existent project to Firebase nor about saving historical data during migration. – Ilia Kurtov Oct 26 at 12:26
  • try this ,proandroiddev.com/… – chetan mahajan Oct 26 at 13:10
  • @chetanmahajan Yeah, I saw this article before publishing the question. And sadly it not helps in described situation – Ilia Kurtov Oct 26 at 13:37
  • Mike from Firebase and Fabric here. It looks like you're going through the migration flow and creating a new project. If you're logged in from the Migration page with the same email address that you use in Firebase, then you should see your Firebase projects below creating a new project. – Mike Bonnell Oct 31 at 14:38

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