I'm trying to make a Color att into a global with a class.

my code is this:

    public class Global {
    public static boolean active;
    public static int textnormalcolors = Color.parseColor("FF000000");
    public static int textlightcolors = Color.parseColor("FF696969");
    public static int textdarkcolors = Color.parseColor("FFBFBFBF");

    public static int[] normalcolor = {Color.parseColor("#679acf"),Color.parseColor("#3b5e94")};
    public static GradientDrawable NormalGD = new GradientDrawable(GradientDrawable.Orientation.TOP_BOTTOM, normalcolor);

    static int[] darkcolor = {Color.parseColor("#213351"),Color.parseColor("#000268")};
    public static GradientDrawable DarkGD = new GradientDrawable(GradientDrawable.Orientation.TOP_BOTTOM, darkcolor);


and the error is this:

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown color at android.graphics.Color.parseColor(Color.java:225) at com.example.northlandcaps.crisis_response.Global.(Global.java:8)


Your string hex colors must start with #

public static int textnormalcolors = Color.parseColor("#FF000000");
  • Thank you so much man, I've been stuck on this forever. – Alec Harvey Oct 26 '18 at 16:35

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