I have two database tables, InnoDB, both have a column id_fornitore, there's no way to create a foreign key and i don't understand why. It's a simple foreign key, and I have succesfully created other on the same table. Here is my query:

ALTER TABLE tbl_prima_nota
ADD CONSTRAINT fk_id_fornitore
FOREIGN KEY (id_fornitore) REFERENCES tbl_fornitori(id_fornitore)

Here is the database status monitor output:

Foreign key constraint fails for table `fatturazione2`.`#sql-68_409`:
 CONSTRAINT `fk_id_fornitore` FOREIGN KEY (`id_fornitore`) REFERENCES `tbl_fornitori` (`id_fornitore`) ON DELETE SET NULL ON UPDATE CASCADE
Trying to add in child table, in index fk_id_fornitore tuple:
DATA TUPLE: 2 fields;
0: len 4; hex 80000000; asc     ;;
1: len 4; hex 80000001; asc     ;;

But in parent table `fatturazione2`.`tbl_fornitori`, in index  uk_id_fornitore,
the closest match we can find is record:
PHYSICAL RECORD: n_fields 2; compact format; info bits 0
0: len 4; hex 80000001; asc     ;;
1: len 4; hex 80000001; asc     ;;

Anybody can understand what's going on here? Many thanks.

UPDATE thanks to Bill Karwin for the query, and Rick James to point me in the right direction. The problem was: when i first added the column id_fornitore to the table tbl_prima_nota I allowed NULL as a possible value, but i didn't choose it as Default; on column creation, since the table was already populated, MySQL added 0 as default value in each row, but 0 is differen from NULL. As a quick solution, sice the column id_fornitore was empty, I deleted it from tbl_prima_nota and I recreated with NULL as default value, and than I could create the foreign key without problems.

  • Verify that tbl_fornitori(id_fornitore) exists for all rows in tbl_prima_nota. I think you will find some violations. – Rick James Oct 28 '18 at 0:08
  • Yes, there was a problem, please read my update – uomopalese Oct 29 '18 at 11:20

Every value in the child table's foreign key must reference a corresponding value in the parent table's primary or unique key.

You can't create a foreign key on column tbl_prima_nota.id_fornitore because that column contains some values that are missing in the referenced tbl_fornitori.id_fornitore.

You can query the rows in the child table whose foreign key values are missing in the parent table:

FROM tbl_prima_nota AS pn
LEFT OUTER JOIN tbl_fornitori AS f USING (id_fornitore)
WHERE f.id_fornitore IS NULL;

You must either add rows to tbl_fornitori with the missing values, or else delete the rows from tbl_prima_nota, or update those rows to change the value in the foreign key column.

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