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How to save a Tensorflow Checkpoint file from Google Colaboratory in when using TPU mode?

Where the official way of saving a checkpoint when using a Tensorflow TPU is to use the Google Cloud Service.

I am working if there is a workaround to this for those who do not wish to use GCS. Perhaps for each variable, do a .eval(), save the variable. And then set the save variable to the 'init' value for each variable.

A major issue I foresee though is saving and loading the parameters for the optimizers.

For Keras, the weights do seem to be saved from TPU to local


INFO:tensorflow:Copying TPU weights to the CPU

So I imagine that there's a general workaround too, without using keras.


Take a look at THIS CODE from Keras

If I understood correctly weights are not saved drectly from TPU, instead weights are synced to CPU and the saved to colab storage.


Also see: this answer.

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