We have a Hadoop cluster (Hadoop 0.20) and I want to use Nutch 1.2 to import some files over HTTP into HDFS, but I couldn't get Nutch running on the cluster.

I've updated the $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop script to add the Nutch jars to the classpath (actually I've copied the classpath setup from $NUTCH_HOME/bin/nutch script without the part that adds the $NUTCH_HOME/lib/* to the classpath) and then I tried running the following command to inject URLS:

hadoop jar nutch*.jar org.apache.nutch.crawl.Injector -conf conf/nutch-site.xml crawl_path urls_path

but I got java.lang.RuntimeException: x point org.apache.nutch.net.URLNormalizer not found.

The $NUTCH_HOME/conf/nutch-site.xml configuration file sets the property


as workaround to force unpacking of the /plugin directory as suggested at: When nutch is run on hadoop > 0.20.2 (or cdh) it will not find plugins because MapReduce will not unpack plugin/ directory from the job's pack (due to MAPREDUCE-967) but it seems that for me it didn't work.

Has anybody encountered this problem? Do you have a step by step tutorial on how to run Nutch on existing Hadoop?

Thanks in advance,


Finally I ran Nutch MapReduce jobs (Injector, Generator and Fetcher) using the bin/hadoop script with no modification with respect of Nutch.

The problem is with org.apache.hadoop.util.RunJar class (the class which runs a hadoop job jar when calling hadoop jar <jobfile> jobClass) that adds to the classpath from the job jar file only the classes/ and lib/ subdirectories and Nutch jobs have a plugins subfolder also which containes the plugins used at runtime. I tried overriding the property mapreduce.job.jar.unpack.pattern to value (?:classes/|lib/|plugins/).* so that the RunJar class add also the plugins to the classpath but it didn't work.

After looking in Nutch code I saw that it uses a property plugin.folders which controls where can be found the plugins. So what I have done and it worked was to copy the plugins subfolder from the job jar to a shared drive and set the property plugin.folders to that path each time I run a Nutch job. For example:

 hadoop jar <path to nutch job file> org.apache.nutch.fetcher.Fetcher -conf ../conf/nutch-default.xml -Dplugin.folders=<path to plugins folder> <segment path>

In the conf/nutch-default.xml file I have set some properties like the agent name, proxy host and port, timeout, content limit, etc.

I have also tried creating the Nutch job jar with the plugins subfolder in the lib subfolder and then setting the plugin.folders property to value lib/plugins but it didn't work....


I ran Nutch on an existing hadoop cluster modifying the bin/nutch script and then copying the nutch config files on the hadoop folders, modifying the TS and NS parameters. Did you try it that way?

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    No, because I found another solution. Can you be more specific? What are TS and NS parameters and what files have you copied on hadoop installation, and what have you added to the nutch script? If I have time may be I will try that way too. Thanks – mihaela Mar 17 '11 at 15:46

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