I am trying to make a post request via R using the httr package to composer rest server. I have written a code and then created the composer rest server from it. These are my details

Request URL : http://localhost:3000/api/nl.amis.registry.fruits Body: { "$class": "nl.amis.registry.fruits", "Id": "9", "name": "orange", "description": "string", "count": "" } First, I have tried with the composer rest server. For my purpose, I needed the count to be blank and the value will be appended by another API call. I was able to make the transaction successfully with the count: "". This I was able to check in the test section of the composer playground. The remaining code works fine which appends the count variable later on.

Now I am writing an R code to make a similar transaction through POST request. Here I am facing an error that "count cannot be blank" and returns with error 422 Unprocessable entity. The content type I was used was application/json. While using the "count":{} , the post request process fine and i am getting "count":[object Object] in the response. But the later on code which does the appending will do something like count:"[object Object],1" wherein I am expecting "count":"1". Everything works fine while using the test in composer playground but while trying to access externally via rest API is creating the problem. Please help.

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    - its a loopback validation response (ie when invoked via REST APIs as Composer REST server is a loopback app), there is an open issue for this in Composer (try using optional if you can) - github.com/hyperledger/composer/issues/4312 Oct 29, 2018 at 11:03
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    @PaulO'Mahony : Thank you for the reply. Let me try it out :)
    – Sooraj
    Oct 30, 2018 at 7:15

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you can use an Optional keyword to declare a count in an asset of the model file. using Optional keyword you can post an empty value of count.

for example:

  asset fruits identified by Id {
    o String Id
    o String name
    o String description
    o String count optional
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    Thanks for the reply. Let me check it out and if it's working I will accept this as the answer.
    – Sooraj
    Oct 30, 2018 at 7:16

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