Let's say we have the following:

irb> Post.where(:hidden => true).to_sql
=> "SELECT `posts`.* FROM `posts` WHERE posts.hidden = 1"

Could we somehow get an inverted SQL query out of it?

What I am looking for, should probably look like this:

irb> Post.where(:hidden => true).invert.to_sql
=> "SELECT `posts`.* FROM `posts` WHERE NOT (posts.hidden = 1)"
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    Hmm. Bad upvote on the comment where(:hidden => false) by someone. That code will not generate the type of SQL the OP is looking for. – Zabba Mar 14 '11 at 19:43

With a different syntax, yes. Example:

posts = Post.scoped.table # or Arel::Table.new("posts")
# => SELECT  FROM `posts` WHERE NOT ((`posts`.`hidden` = 1))
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  • Not precisely what I was looking for but still a very good answer. – Kostas Mar 15 '11 at 16:45
  • Did you find another way to do this? Perhaps a better syntax? Did the answer work for you? – Zabba Nov 3 '11 at 2:46
  • Actually I think it's not even possible since what I am actually asking is to invert and ActiveRecord::Relation object which might or might not have multiple joins and includes which would complicate the matter too much (which WHEREs should we invert and which not?). I think I'll leave this open until an answer comes along. – Kostas Nov 3 '11 at 9:30

In rails 4 there is not suffix for this purpose:

Post.where.not(hidden: true).to_sql
# => SELECT FROM `posts` WHERE `posts`.`hidden` != 1

In rails 3 you can use squeel gem. It gives many usefull features. And with it you can write:

Post.where{ hidden != true }.to_sql
# => SELECT FROM `posts` WHERE `posts`.`hidden` != 1
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We can take Zabba's answer further by passing the inverted query back into ActiveRecord:

table = Post.arel_table
query = table[:hidden].eq(true).not # the inverted query, still ARel
Post.where(query) # plug it back into ActiveRecord

This will return ActiveRecord objects, as you would normally expect.

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What I do when I'm looking for records with a "not true" condition (eg, false or nil) is:

Post.where(["(hidden IS NULL) OR (hidden = ?)", false])
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