I am struggling to find a suitable tool, which could be installed on a Windows server, to remotely monitor Windows 2016 server CPU/MEM/Hard Disk/Services and SQL Server transactional replication statistics.

I have done it through Nagios Core, but I am struggling to find a free or open Source, Windows installable tool, to monitor Replication Statistics. I have setup push subscription as part of the transactional replication.

The replication parameters I am trying to monitor are:

  1. Real time status of the Replication (Whether it is running fine or not)
  2. Transactional Replication Latency( from Publisher to Distributor and from Distributor to Subscriber)
  3. The number of records in the Distribution Database.
  4. Tool should have a Dashboard and should have option to configure emails.

Also I need to monitor:

  1. Windows Failover Cluster Monitoring
  2. IIS (whether up or down)
  3. Application Pool (up or down) 4) Website (up or down)

As I said initially, I was able to do most of these through Nagios Core, but I require a windows based solution, which is free to use.

All suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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