I want to create a conditional formatting rule where the cell will be highlighted if it also appears in a list (column A).

The values are all text (e.g "Apple", "Pear"). It has to be an exact match ("Apple Juice" shouldn't be highlighted if "Apple" is in the list). The result should be this: Image of spreadsheet

Help will be greatly appreciated!

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Select cell b2 in your example

Then from Home Ribbon

Conditional Formatting> New Rule > Classic > Use a formula to determine which cells to format

Then in formula enter:


After you've done that use format paint brush on remaining b3 and b4 in your image


Select the range you want to apply the formula for and go to Conditional Formatting -> Custom Formula and enter:


It will take all the values from Column A (your compare list) and highlight if those exist in Column B.

enter image description here

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