Similar to other developers, I got an email from Google regarding my Android app, saying "Please migrate off JSON-RPC and Global HTTP Batch Endpoints", and it lists the offending API as:

Google Drive API version drive@2 and "Global HTTP Batch Endpoint"

It says that I should somehow "migrate off" it, but is not clear how. I updated the dependency from:




But is this enough? Or must I upgrade to drive:v3, which is lacking some functionality from v2 and would be very difficult to use in my case? Or perform some other magic???


There's a blog for Google Developers about discontinuing support for JSON-RPC and Global HTTP Batch Endpoints.

The JSON-RPC protocol and Global HTTP Batch (Javascript example) features was based on an architecture using a single shared proxy to receive requests for all APIs. To improve performance and security, these features are no longer compatible with the latest architecture and business requirements.

As a result, next year, on March 25, 2019 we will discontinue support for both these features.

You can check the guidance from the blog which will help you ease the transition and also consult the API documentation.

  • Thank you @jess. From this comment on blog I assume I should be fine after updating to the latest version of Google Drive API v2: "Google API Client Libraries have been regenerated to no longer make requests to the global HTTP batch endpoint. Clients using these libraries must upgrade to the latest version." – gregko Oct 29 '18 at 12:12
  • No problem. Glad it helps :) – jess Oct 30 '18 at 2:04

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