I want to create a php function which can recognize if given image is ("real") photo or some kind of graphic, drawing, painting, clipart, cartoon, etc. (=> "graphic" for short).

I don't care if the photo is modified (photoshopped), I just want to know the "native" type of the image (photograph or graphic). I know that some 3D computer graphics can look like real photos and I'm ready to accept it - I understand that completely successful recognition is in this case very hard to achieve.

I'm using php7.0 only with native php extensions (GD). For the next text let's presume that checked image file is always a JPG file.

My testing images:

imageA.jpg - photo of a car

imageB.jpg - graphic with rich colors and details

1) My first attempt was to check image for EXIF data, but this is not very useful approach for me since a lot of images does not contains EXIF data. In a lot of cases EXIF data are removed by processing in editing software, in other cases they can be removed intentionally.

2) My second attempt (inspired by this answer) was to count number of used colors since there is an assumption that photo contains more individual colors than graphic. I created a simple function which returned number of used colors. But then I realized that this does not take into account the total number of pixels - bigger (in dimensions) image has more "space" for different colors, therefore is unfair to compare images with different dimensions.

So I have created this function with image resizing (to 250x250px):

function get_image_colors($content){
$img = imagecreatefromstring($content);
$small = imagecreatetruecolor(250, 250);
imagecopyresampled($small, $img, 0, 0, 0, 0, 250, 250, imagesx($img),imagesy($img));
$w = imagesx($img);
$h = imagesy($img);
imagegd2($img, null, $w);
$data = ob_get_clean();
$totalLength = strlen($data);
$pixelDataLength = $w * $h * 4;
$headerLength = $totalLength - $pixelDataLength;
$counts = array();
for($i = $headerLength; $i < $totalLength; $i += 4) {
$pixel = substr($data, $i, 4);
$count =& $counts[$pixel];
$count += 1;
$colorCount = count($counts);
return $colorCount;

It works (slowly) but the results are not very useful:

imageA.jpg = 37 050 colors

imageB.jpg = 54 377 colors

So it returns more colors for imageB.jpg (graphic) than for imageA.jpg (photo). It will probably work for simple graphic but it is almost useless for more complex graphic as my testing image.

Then I have also tried to count and compare the proportion of the most frequent color(s) of the image against total number of pixels, assuming that graphic usually contains a few colors which are dominant, but it didn't work either (photo of the beach may contain a lot of blue pixels)...

I have read that this kind of recognition is possible via histogram analysis or via edge contrast analysis (here or here), but I don't know if this is possible in php+gd.

Do you have any suggestions? Is there any solution how to recognize photo in php with decent probability (at least 90%+ correct guesses)?

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