The code says it all...not sure what's going on here...the ItemsSource binding works just fine (One-way or Two-way)

    public MyView()

        this.WhenActivated(disposableRegistration =>
            // TODO - Why do I have to do the binding this way?
            BindingOperations.SetBinding(TreeListControl, DataControlBase.CurrentItemProperty, new Binding
                Path = new PropertyPath("CurrentSelectedItem"),
                Source = ViewModel

            // TODO - why does this not work?  (need the code above)
            //        viewModel => viewModel.CurrentSelectedItem,
            //        view => view.TreeListControl.CurrentItem)
            //    .DisposeWith(disposableRegistration);

                    viewModel => viewModel.Root,
                    view => view.TreeListControl.ItemsSource)

Anyone have an idea? MyView is a ReactiveUserControl and MyViewViewModel is a ReactiveObject.

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