Please read carefully this is not a duplicate I have read and jsfiddled everything related on stackoverflow.

There were some that use an input box in the context of passwords (all require clicking on something or pressing a key) but my application does not need an input box or passwords. I want the user to be able to refresh the page and not have to click anything or anywhere to see the caps lock status if it is even possible.

I have working code that simulates keydown in order to detect if the caps lock is on or off. The code works great but requires you to press any on the keyboard to get the ball rolling. I would like the detection to happen right away in the document ready function. I tested the code in all browsers Windows 10 and all browsers Mac Mojave and it works the same in all. I have tried everything I can think of and have the feeling it must be something simple.

Is there is any way to programmatically send this additional key stroke when the page is refreshed?

Steps to Recreate the Problem:

  1. Run the fiddle
  2. Press Caps Lock a few times (nothing happens)
  3. Press any key on the keyboard (i.e. 'a') and the event fires with caps lock status.
  4. Press caps lock a few times and you will see that step 3 above fixed it.

Here is my code HTML

<h3>Detect Caps Lock</h3>
<p>Set focus to body element and Press the "Caps Lock" key</p>
<p id="text">WARNING! Caps lock is ON.</p>


#text {
  display: none;
  color: red


$(document).ready(function() {
  var text = document.getElementById("text");

  function displayCapsLockStatus(event) {
    if (event.getModifierState("CapsLock")) {
      text.style.display = "inline-block";
    } else {
      text.style.display = "none"
  document.addEventListener("keydown", function(event) {
    displayCapsLockStatus(event); //Needed for Windows & Mac OS X
  document.addEventListener("keyup", function(event) {
    displayCapsLockStatus(event); //Needed for Mac OS X Only
  setTimeout(function() {
      type: 'keydown',
      which: 'a',
      keyCode: 65
  }, 1000);


Here is my fiddle: https://jsfiddle.net/Larry_Robertson/u0fc4krb/421/

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