I have two versions of my app - Free (with ads) and Pro (paid). I plan to start using identifierForVendor (IDFV) in both apps so the user can buy Pro version, generate/copy IDFV in Pro and activate Free app (to remove ads) on the same device with that code. After that they can delete Pro app if they want.


  1. Is identifierForVendor the same for two apps on the same device?
  2. Will Apple approve that practice (to use IDFV instead of In-App Purchase)?

More details:

  • I want to activate Game Center's turn based matches for both apps. The user base of Pro app is about 1-2% of the user base of Free app, so Pro users will be disadvantaged as they will less likely to find the opponent. So if Pro user uses Free app, they can get the access to much larger pool of players.
  • I can't use In-App Purchase as it solves the problem only for the new users. The existing Pro user still have that problem.
  • If I activate app compatibility for two apps in App Store Connect, the users of two apps can see each other Game Center match data and play matches with some workarounds, but the events / notifications are not bi-directional in case of cross-app match - the events / notifications are fired only for the app that created a match. Also invites / rematch requests are automatically declined in case of cross-app match, so the user experience is not great in this case.

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