I need to track a freely moving deformable object in a video (but only 2D space). The object moves at varying speeds throughout this video, and at times it is even at rest (for a few moments to maybe a couple of minutes). During the duration of the video, the object traces parts of its path (sub-paths) or traces paths very close to earlier paths (or sub-paths). Say the object moves from p0....p100 (two separate points). Here, p0,p1,...,p100 represent object positions in (x,y) pixel coordinates at the respective instants. Assuming a closest path is denoted by p0', p1'....p100' (where p0', p1'.. etc are within the 13x13 neighborhood of p0, p1.. etc), if the object once traced positions p6,p7,p8,p9,p10,p11,p12,p13,p14, when it traces p8',p9',p10',p11', we can say it has retraced a closest path.

The output file for the video yields a text file (or csv file) that would provide the frame number and (x,y) positions,velocity and accelaration of the object at that frame. There are about 4000 frames in a video.

How to find out the number of times this behavior occured (find total number of times object retraced sub-paths and closest paths), and the number of frames it took for the object to complete the sub-paths or closest paths every time it retraced a sub-path or closest path (for example, for a sub-path from p2 to p20, object can trace sub-path p3 to p7 in 3 frames, then retrace p3 to p7 in 8 frames (when moving at a slower rate), and retrace p4 to p11 in 6 frames (moving at a faster rate)).

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