I am using dialogflow php client library for accessing v2 rest api of dialogflow. I can call detectIntent and other stuffs and it is working. But some times i should need to search for a specific trainingPhrase and if not present then add new training phrase for detected intent. How could i do this using php client library? I am tired of searching on this. Please help me. Any answers will be appreciated. The function I'm using to getIntent with the some text is as below,

function detect_intent_texts($projectId, $text, $sessionId, $languageCode = 'en-US')
    global $common;
    // new session
    $test = array('credentials' => 'key_file.json');
    $sessionsClient = new SessionsClient($test);
    $session = $sessionsClient->sessionName($projectId, $sessionId ?: uniqid());
    //printf('Session path: %s' . PHP_EOL, $session);

    // create text input
    $textInput = new TextInput();

    // create query input
    $queryInput = new QueryInput();

    // get response and relevant info
    $response = $sessionsClient->detectIntent($session, $queryInput);
    $queryResult = $response->getQueryResult();
    $queryText = $queryResult->getQueryText();
    $intent = $queryResult->getIntent();
    $displayName = $intent->getDisplayName();
    $common->write_to_log("intent displayName : ".$displayName);
    if($displayName == "Default Fallback Intent")
        $result = json_encode(array("result"=>false));
        $common->write_to_log("No matching intent found");

        $confidence = $queryResult->getIntentDetectionConfidence();
        $fulfilmentText = $queryResult->getFulfillmentText();
        $common->write_to_log("intent response : ".$fulfilmentText);
        $result = json_encode(array("result"=>true,"message"=>$fulfilmentText));


    echo $result;

  • Where you able to find a solution to this?
    – shekwo
    Aug 26, 2020 at 22:39
  • @radioactive No. I have used IBM watson assistant instead.
    – anoop v m
    Sep 5, 2020 at 4:43


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